Mom Gets MoxieTM

Empowering Prenatal and Postpartum Moms to Build Active and Healthy Lifestyles.

Why Choose Mom Gets Moxie?

Mom Gets Moxie was created to fill the void that exists within prenatal and postpartum fitness. Whether you are a fitness fanatic or fitness is something new to you since becoming pregnant or you are somewhere in the middle – there’s just not a whole lot of reliable information out there that is tailored specifically for your stage of life. 

As an expectant mother or one who has just given birth, your body is going through or has gone through extraordinary changes to grow this wonderful, little human life. You’re basically a superhero! You are growing a human! But with all of these changes should come special considerations for your body and the exercising process. 

Everything is different – things you may have been doing for years will start to hurt or not feel right. Form that you’ve been taught to implement may have to be modified. New strategies for accomplishing your fitness goals will have to be developed.

I want you to develop ‘moxie’ – a force of character, determination, and courage – that empowers you to build a strong body and an informed mind.

That’s where Mom Gets Moxie comes in. I am here for this exact phase of your life and pregnancy, helping you become the most successful version of yourself that you can be.


In a sea of contradicting information and overwhelming articles, we want to be your safe haven, where you can come, knowing you will find confidence and strength. 

So, come join me on this fitness journey, wherever your starting point is, and we will grow together!


What You Can Expect from

Mom Gets Moxie:

Fun and challenging workouts built for your fitness level and goals.

Postpartum Fitness Program

Mom Gets Moxie offers an 8-week Postpartum Program to help you heal and gain strength in the early weeks and months postpartum. And the best news? It can be done completely from the comfort of your own home!

Come Workout with Us!

Mom Gets Moxie shows up at baby/mommy fairs, community centers and a variety of other places to do speaking engagements or workouts. Follow @momgetsmoxie on Instagram to follow along and meet up when you can!