Your Summer Body is Already Ready

This time of year frustrates me a little bit. We’ve just gotten over the bombardment of New Year’s diets and weight loss and now we are right around the corner from summer, and we are hit again with all kinds of ads about programs and pills to get us “ready for summer”.

Mama, you’re already ready for summer! Here’s why:

1. Pregnancy and Postpartum Changes Your Body

All of the “body back” talk that you hear postpartum is ridiculous. Every woman’s body is different, and most women will experience permanent changes to their body during the postpartum period. Your body has done an incredible thing! It’s grown, nourished, birthed and sustained a human life. That’s pretty incredible!

2. Your Body’s Aesthetics Don’t Equal Your Worth

In a culture that is so caught up in how women look, it’s hard to fight this narrative. But regardless of what you relentlessly see and hear on social media, you are inherently valuable for who you are as a person – not what you look like or how your body has or hasn’t changed.

3. Your Kids Don’t Care About a Summer Body

Your kids just want you to be there. They want you to swim with them, they want you to build sandcastles, and collect seashells. They want you to run through the sprinkler and have a water balloon fight. And, in the end, the time you spend with your children is what matters most!

As you head into this summer season, don’t buy into all of the hype around getting the perfect summer body. You already have it. You’re already the best mom that your kids could have.

Wear that swimsuit, jump in that pool, be in that picture. You’re so, so valuable just for being the incredible mother that you are!

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