You're Doing it Right

You may be scrolling through social media right now, seeing all of these incredible workouts that people are doing at home right now during COVID and thinking to yourself “I could never do that.” You see home gyms with all the workout equipment you could ever want and people with perfectly sculpted bodies telling you how “easy” their workouts are to do from home. It can be discouraging and depressing! Well, I’m here to tell you today, that whatever you are doing to move your body – you’re doing it right.

We tend to have preconceived ideas of what fitness has to look like; super intense workouts where you get drenched in sweat and can’t walk for the next two days. But, particularly during the perinatal period, these types of workouts will not always serve you best. Here’s a quick list of just a few reasons why high intensity workouts aren’t always the best if you’re pregnant or postpartum:

1. You won’t feel well enough to do a hard workout

2. Health complications can prevent you from certain types of exercise or from exercising at all

3. Your body is growing and changing and your ability to do certain movements will be affected by this

4. Sometimes your body just needs to move in an easy and gentle way

Fitness will look different for absolutely everyone! Your fitness will not always look like my fitness or your best friend’s fitness or your neighbor’s fitness. Everyone goes through seasons of life that have to be taken into consideration and pregnancy and postpartum have a huge impact on fitness. Here are some ways you’re doing it right in regard to fitness as a mom:

1. Going for a walk

2. Doing yoga

3. Playing with your kids

4. Bodyweight exercises

5. Swimming

6. Lifting weights

7. Doing housework

8. Going for a run

9. Zumba

10. Doing YouTube workout videos at home

The list could go on and on! There is no shortage of activities that you can do to keep your body moving and healthy. In fact, finding a form of exercise that you enjoy is vital to lifelong activity and fitness.

So, this week, don’t compare yourself to what you’re seeing on social media or what your friends are doing. Be thankful for your body and all it’s done for you and your babies. Be thankful that you have the ability to move it. Don’t worry, mama – you’re doing it right.

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