You Need to Squat

Squats are one of the most basic exercises that you’ve probably been doing or given in a program to do for years. Sometimes, it might feel like squats are boring – you know that movement, you’ve got it down! And while you may think that sometimes, don’t be too quick to toss your squats to the wayside…they are a really important exercise! Here’s why:

1. It’s a Foundational Movement

Squatting isn’t just a movement we do at the gym or during a workout. A squat is a basic human movement pattern and one that moms, in particular, perform on a regular basis. Whether it’s picking the baby up, getting toys off the floor, or scooping up a dropped pacifier, a squatting position is one that you perform often!

2. It Builds Strong Glutes

The squat, when performed correctly, is one of the best glute-building exercises there is. As the largest muscles in the body, it’s very important that your glutes stay strong and engaged when they should be. Learning to engage and strengthen them properly can help eliminate a lot of the back pain that many perinatal women experience.

3. It Increases Balance

Throughout the changing stages of pregnancy and postpartum, your center or gravity will change and your mind-body connection will fluctuate causing your balance to be off. Squats are a wonderful, full-body engaging movement to help you figure out where you are in space and coordinate your mind and body to work together and move as one.

4. It Engages your Whole Body

I touched on this in the last point, but a squat isn’t just about your glutes. Your whole lower and upper body have to work together to coordinate this movement. Your core has to stay engaged to keep you stable. Your mind has to work to keep you balanced.

As you can see, squats are vital to overall health and wellness. This week, I’ll be showing you some great workouts involving squats as well as some fun variations to mix things up and keep it interesting!

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