You Need to Exercise Postpartum

Exercise postpartum can be tricky to navigate. There are a lot of factors that contribute to when any given woman is ready to begin exercising. But, rest assured, that most likely, the “all clear” at your 6-week checkup does not mean that you’re ready to just jump back into everything you were doing pre-baby. You need to pace yourself and ease back into exercise, giving yourself time to figure things out in your new body.

All that being said, getting back to exercise postpartum is important! Here’s why:

1. Train Good Movement Patterns

As a mom you are constantly bending over, squatting down, lifting, pushing pulling… If these movements are done poorly over and over on a consistent basis, you’re probably going to end up with some pain in various parts of your body. But – these are all movements that can be trained with exercise. Learning how to do everyday movements well in a controlled environment can have a huge impact on how you feel throughout the day.

2. Build Strength

Motherhood is no joke and it requires a lot of strength on a regular basis! Lifting your baby out of the crib, feeding several times throughout the day, carrying a carseat and a diaper bag – all of these things require functional strength. And again, strength can be built through exercise to prepare you for the daily challenges of motherhood.

3. Kick the Baby Blues

It’s not at all uncommon to experience some “baby blues” postpartum. A great way to help combat these negative feelings is through exercise. Getting in a workout, even a quick 10-15 minute one, can help boost your mood and change your mindset for the rest of the day.

This week, I’m going to be sharing some great early postpartum workouts to get you back intro the groove after baby. Keep an eye out!

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