Why Your Kids Should See You Exercise

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

1. They See Discipline

Discipline is a characteristic that all parents want their children to have but can be a tough one to instill. Consistency and responsibility go hand in hand with teaching this life skill. Sometimes, outside of enforcing disciplined habits on a child, letting them see you have discipline as an adult can be very impactful. Seeing you get up early to exercise before you take them to school, or watch you squeeze in a quick workout while their baby brother or sister sleeps will be something that they’ll remember as they get older. You were able to be disciplined in accomplishing what you needed to, so they can too!

2. They See a Healthy Lifestyle

Now, in my opinion, this one goes along with discussions about how to live a complete, healthy lifestyle, including foods, personal hygiene, and other healthy habits. Too often, we rely on the school system to teach our children about what is or isn’t healthy. Unfortunately, that information is sometimes outdated or just plain incorrect. Take your child’s health education into your own hands by letting them see you exercise and opening up conversations about healthy lifestyle habits. 

3. They See Self-care

In a world where busy schedules and running yourself to the point of exhaustion is glorified, your kids will see a mom who is taking time for herself in a positive way. Not shirking responsibilities or avoiding necessary tasks but building a routine that demonstrates that you care for your body and that taking care of yourself is a priority. You want your children to properly care for themselves and take time away when needed, so show them how!

4. They See the Importance of Exercise

Exercise is vital to physical and mental well-being. The release of endorphins can boost your mood and strengthening your muscles makes you less vulnerable to injury and illness. You want to be around for your kids as long as possible and exercise can help make that a reality!

5. They See Something Fun That You Can Do Together

When you make exercise fun, your kids will probably want to participate with you! Keep in mind that exercise doesn’t always have to be lifting weights or running mile after mile. Exercise can be a walk in the park or playing tag with your kids or going swimming at the lake. There are so many ways to be active and exercise. Let your kids see a variety of activities and participate with them! Don’t just sit on the sidelines and watch your kids play when you take them somewhere – get out there and play with them, so they can see that being active can be fun, even as an adult!

Considering these reasons, let’s try to change the mindset behind exercise. Don’t try to hide it – let your kids see you working out. Let them join in if they want to! Even if they kind of get in the way or throw your routine off a little bit, you want to encourage them to participate in and enjoy exercise. 

Make it a goal to find some fun ways to include your kids and be active this week!

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