Why the Numbers Don’t Matter

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Let’s take a look at why the numbers don’t matter. 

1. Different Genetic Factors

Unless someone has the same parents as you, the same health conditions as you, and the same life experiences as you, you cannot compare your body to theirs. There are so many factors that make up who we are physically, some of which are completely out of our control. Most conditions or illnesses can be managed, but not all can be eradicated. Many of us have to live with chronic pain or diabetes or some other consideration that severely limits our physical abilities. You can’t compare yourself to the other women at the gym or that you see on social media and think that you should look just like them. They have a totally different set of genetic factors that they are dealing with and they may not have it as easy as you may think. 

2. Different Body Structures

You hear the term “big-boned” thrown around a lot and while it’s often used incorrectly, it is an actual thing! Women are made differently. Bone structure is different, height is different, build is different…all of these things will affect what we are good at. If you are 5’2’’, you probably won’t be an off-the-charts basketball player, but you could be a fantastic gymnast! Way better than any of those 6’0’’ tall girls. Don’t spend time wishing you were taller or shorter or any other body structure that you can’t control. Find something you enjoy and work at it – you’ll end up being amazing!

It’s not all about the scale. It’s not all about the pounds lost. It’s not all about the inches that make up your waist or hips. There are so many factors that contribute to who we are physically, that we can’t think that we should be just like someone else. It’s very possible that you could never look like the woman you idolize because of how you are made. And that’s ok! Its time women realize that their bodies are already the ideal! Your body showcases the experiences – wins and losses – that you have gone through. It bears the scars of bringing another human into this world. That is a beautiful thing. 

While it’s great to have goals and something to work towards, don’t get stuck on the numbers. Realize that your body was made just the way it’s supposed to be. Focus on being happy and healthy and everything else will fall into place!

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