Why I Celebrate

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

But the reason this time of year is most special to me is because of a special child who came to earth 2,000 years ago. God’s only Son clothed himself in humanity and descended from his heavenly home to live among mankind and experience life as we do. He was fully God, yet fully man – something that I can never completely understand. God loved us enough to send his perfect Son to earth, to live a perfect life, and die a cruel death in order to save us from our sins. At the beginning of the world, God created everything perfect as well. But humanity turned his back on God and plunged the human race into sin. God, being completely holy, cannot look upon sin – He cannot have it in his presence. Thus, sin separated us from an eternity with God. How could this chasm ever be crossed? Sinful humanity certainly couldn’t come up with a solution to make ourselves presentable to God; so God, in His infinite grace and mercy, gave us His Son – the only possible solution to our separation from God. Jesus died on the cross, bearing the wrath of God, to take our sins; and when He rose from the dead after three days, He broke Satan’s power over sin and death – He conquered the grave. Mankind no longer had to fear an eternity separated from God. We now have the chance to spend eternity in Heaven with our Savior and our God. This is a free gift, offered to anyone who will take it. But we must accept that we are sinners and that the only way to have a relationship with a holy and perfect God is through the sacrifice that Jesus made and accepting Him as our Savior.

This is the reason I celebrate this time of year. The birth of Jesus forever changed the course of history – and it has forever changed my life.

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