Who Should Be on My Postpartum Team

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Your body needs time to rest, recover, and heal. Having a team of people around you to help navigate all these new changes and experiences can be a game changer! Some of these people will be the same as those on your Prenatal Team (link to Who Should I have on my Prenatal Team), but some are different. There is a whole host of people to consider adding to your postpartum team whose advice, experience and encouragement you may find helpful in the weeks and months after giving birth. Here are some suggestions of people who you will on your team:


This may seem like an obvious one, but I’ve added it nonetheless. These doctors are trained for this exact point in your life and are an invaluable resource for all the concerns you have, whether this is your first or fifth child. Each child and each experience is different and new concerns can arise with every pregnancy and delivery. Don’t hesitate to tell them about any symptoms you are experiencing and seek their advice.


As I mentioned in the first point, every delivery and every child is unique. What you experienced with you first, you may not experience with your second. What one child learned very quickly, another child may not and vice versa. Pick out a pediatrician that you like and trust; and I’d advise visiting with them before the baby is born.

Lactation Consultant

Getting the hang of breastfeeding isn’t always as easy as it may seem. Your baby may have trouble latching, you may be worried about your milk supply, or may experience pain due to plugged milk ducts. There are many questions and concerns that you may have, especially as a first time mom, and a lactation consultant could come in very handy!

" Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life. "

Amy Poehler

Family and Friends

Having people around who can help after delivery can be a lifesaver. Whether it’s cooking meals, cleaning the house, or watching the baby while you catch up on some much-deserved sleep, have a family member or a close friend on speed dial that can be there for you whenever you need them! And remember, you’re not an imposition to those who love you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Don’t be afraid to ask for a shoulder to cry on when you’re frustrated and tired and need someone to vent to. Even after having the baby, your hormones need awhile to settle down and get back to normal. Your loved ones will want to be there for you; Ask for and then let them help!

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Giving birth can be likened to a trauma. Your body goes through an incredible amount of strain, pain, and often times damage in order to bring your baby into the world. Some of your muscles that are weakened the most are those that are part of your pelvic floor. These need to be rehabbed intentionally in order to get strength back and bring them back to normal. This is an often-overlooked part of postpartum recovery – but is so, so important! Correctly rehabbing your pelvic floor muscles can help alleviate postpartum symptoms and dysfunctions.

Postpartum Fitness Expert

You may be tempted to think that any fitness professional will know exactly how to help you postpartum, but this isn’t necessarily true. In postpartum recovery, slow is fast. You don’t need to jump right into hard core workouts to get your body back. You need to give yourself time to heal. You need to give yourself time to figure out this new body and relearn movements and functionality. Find a fitness professional who has been trained specifically for this chapter in your life and can help you recover and regain strength.

Make sure that you have people to support you and encourage you on your journey. Take time to think through this list and make informed decisions about who you want on your postpartum team. Maybe some people on this list are ones you’ve never considered as vital to your postpartum recovery, but each and every one of these is important. Take some time to get your team together during pregnancy, so everything is set once you’ve had your baby. And don’t be afraid to have your professionals collaborate in order to best help you!

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