Where Do I Start?

Carve Out Time

If you’re serious about having a healthy pregnancy, make sure you commit to setting aside time to work out for the number of days you’ve set for yourself; whether that’s 2 days, 3 days, 5 days, or whatever number you choose – commit to getting it done! Remember, some days you will feel really good and motivated to work out and some days you won’t. Give yourself some time to adjust to a new lifestyle and routine. You’ll get there if you carve out the time.

Take Your Time

Some of the moves or routines will be difficult at first. Start with the modifications and once you have mastered those, you can move on to the more difficult versions. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your fitness routine won’t be either. And don’t feel bad or guilty if you start a workout and can’t finish it. This is new and your body and mind have to adjust. You have to build up endurance and strength. You WILL improve – give yourself time.

Mix It Up

Don’t do the same workout every day! You can pick a workout and do it two or three days in order to master the moves, but then choose a new workout to do. Switching up your workouts will continuously challenge your muscles in different ways. This gives your mind a workout too as you focus to master something new or different. An added bonus is that you won’t get bored! Keep shaking things up to keep things interesting and challenging.

Bring a Friend

Even if she’s not pregnant (or if it’s a he!), working out with another person makes it more fun. Plus, the accountability will help you make sure you are accomplishing #1 on this list. Mom Gets Moxie workouts are targeted for pregnant women, but anyone can participate!  When you have a workout partner, you can motivate each other to be consistent and work hard. Knowing that someone else is there with you helps you know you’re not alone. The real bonus here is that you have someone to share a post-workout snack with!

Give Yourself a Break

You’re not perfect and your workouts won’t be either! You can mess up. You can skip a day. You can take a break in the middle of a workout to catch your breath. It’s OK!! As long as you keep at it, you will keep getting better. Every workout you do contributes to a healthier you and a healthier baby.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter where your starting point is. Just pick a place to begin and go from there! If you’re just getting into working out, take your time learning the different moves and familiarize yourself with some of your favorite workouts. If you’re already a fitness fan, push yourself to do something new. Beginning a regular exercise routine is a journey. There will be bumps along the way, but it’s a learning and growing process. Don’t get discouraged! You got this!

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