What Equipment Can I Use to Exercise?

Whether you’re at home or on vacation, it’s nice to have some options to add some difficulty and variety to your workouts. The good news? You can add a lot to your workouts for just a few bucks! Here are some of my favorite devices to add to my workouts that are good for home or on the road!

1. Minibands

These are my favorites for lower body exercises. I use them around my thighs and ankles the most, but you can also use them for upper body and core exercises as well! They typically come in backs of 4 or 5 of varying resistances. This is great, because different exercises require different resistances!

2. Loop Bands

These bands are a lot bigger than the minibands and are really good for full body exercises. You can also use them as assist bands if you’re wanting to learn to do pullups or chin-ups. Again, these typically come in packs of 3-5 of varying resistances.

3. Dumbbells

You can do so much with a couple sets of dumbbells! Great for upper body work and adding some extra weight to squats or lunges with your lower body. I’d suggest having a few of light weight – between 3-10 lbs.-- and then a few that are a little bit heavier – between 15-25 lbs. This will give you a little variety so that you can use them for a lot of different types of exercise!

4. Kettlebells

I typically advise beginners to use the first three devices listed and then add kettlebells in once they’ve gotten some experience with fitness. Kettlebells are great for hinging and deadlifting and adding variety to your upper body and core workouts.

There are so many other pieces of equipment that are useful and fun for working out, but these four are a good place to start! Especially as we head into the summer where your schedule will probably be a little bit disrupted, having some equipment that you can use on the go or in a pinch will be handy!

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