The Importance of Water

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

So the question is,

Why drink water?

The baby needs it!

  1. Water aids in the development of the amniotic fluid which surrounds baby

  2. Water helps deliver nutrients to the baby

  3. Water is essential to the production of breastmilk

You need it!

  1. Water prevents dehydration caused by vomiting

  2. Water staves off constipation

  3. Water fights off common ailments such as headaches and swelling

How much do I drink?

  1. Recommended water intake for a pregnant women is 8-10, 8-ounce glasses per day. Now, this can vary based on your size and activity level. Personally, I try to drink at least half my bodyweight in ounces every day. And that is minus any kind of physical exertion where I may be sweating – thus, losing water, which needs to be replaced. I try to drink about 15-30 ounces of additional water to compensate for sweating that takes place during my workouts.

How do I drink more?

  1. Buy a 24 oz water bottle and challenge yourself to drink and refill 3 times throughout the day – morning, afternoon and evening.

  2. Pick your favorite 8-ounce glass at home and make a goal to drink and refill every 90 minutes during the day. It might sound odd, but you may find you’re more likely to drink out of a cup you like. For instance, I drink more when I drink from a water bottle or cup that has a straw. I have no idea if there’s some kind of scientific reason behind that, but it’s true for me! Give it a try – find a cup or water bottle you like best and start drinking!

  3. Get a half gallon jug or water bottle and write motivating notes to help you drink! (i.e. 1/3 of the way down – “good start!”, halfway down – “halfway there!”, 3/4 of the way down – “almost done!”) Then, try to drink to each line at set points throughout the day. This is an idea I got from my sister and I think it’s fabulous! I’m so competitive, even with myself, that when I set goals, I want to achieve them – even when it’s something as simple as drinking water.

  4. Set alerts on your phone to remind you to drink a glass of water throughout the day. Most of us always have our phones within arm’s reach the majority of the day. Having reminders set periodically during the day to trigger you to drink of glass of water will help you reach your goal.

  5. Get a buddy to inspire you! You can help remind each other to drink enough water each day. Send each other texts or memes to add some fun to your goals.

Do other fluids count?

  1. Short answer – yes. Fruit juices, coffee, tea, and other beverages can count towards your daily fluid intake. But be careful of the extra calories and sugar contained in these other beverages. Water is best!

So, start your day out with a tall glass of water and keep it up throughout the day. Your body and your baby will thank you!

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