The Glute and Ab Connection

In today’s culture, there is a huge focus on the booty. You see all kinds of programs on how to “build your booty” or “grow your glutes”. But, a potential problem with these kinds of programs is that they lack an overall approach to strength. And the truth is, you won’t be able to get as strong of glutes if you don’t have a strong core. If you’re lacking strength in either your glutes or your core, you may develop some of the follow symptoms:

1. Low Back Pain

When your core (which includes both your abs and glutes) is weak, your lower back tends to compensate for certain movements and helps do the work to keep your body stable. Since the muscles of the low back are significantly smaller than those of the glutes or abs which are supposed to be doing the work, they tire easily causing that low back pain you may be experiencing.

2. Poor Posture

Hips that are tucked under, overly clenched glutes, and slumping shoulders are all indicators of improper posture and a weak core. Poor posture often occurs during pregnancy and postpartum because of how much our bodies are changing, so we need to be aware of these changes, so that other parts of our bodies aren’t overcompensating and causing pain elsewhere.

3. Holding Your Breath

Now, just because you hold your breath occasionally doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a weak core, but if you find that you’re holding your breath while doing ab exercises or movements that require stability – you probably have a weak core.

The good news is, this can all be corrected with some intentional exercises. This week, I’m going to focus on exercises that strengthen your glutes and abs specifically, so make sure you’re on the lookout for those workouts this week!

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