Proper Posture Visualized

There’s no one that has perfect posture all the time. Everyone slouches, everyone stands or sits improperly…it’s ok! What I want to do is bring awareness and make you mindful of your posture during the day. If you’re standing for awhile, I want you to think at some point “how is my posture?” Then, if your butt is tucked under or your shoulder are slouching, you can straighten that up and keep going on with your day.

This series of pictures is to help you see two common incorrect posture positions, along with a correct spinal alignment. In pregnancy, the first one, with butt tucked under is common. You pull those hips forward to help compensate for the extra weight in your belly. The second position is common postpartum as the belly gets sucked in because of an insecurity about a “mommy tummy” and trying to overcompensate for that. The third picture I am relaxed, nothing is sucking in or being overworked, but I’m still standing with good posture.

So, try to bring some mindfulness to your posture throughout your daily activities this week and see how many times you can give yourself a little correction!

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