Not Being Able to Control Your Pee Isn’t Normal

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Leaking occurs because of the strain and sometimes the damage that your pelvic floor endures during pregnancy and delivery. When you’re pregnant, your pelvic floor muscles have the job of supporting your growing baby for 9 months; and when you give birth, those muscles are stretched and often torn. If not properly rehabbed, you could potentially deal with complications and frustrations for many years from a pelvic floor that never got the chance to recover from all of this trauma. 

So, how can you help yourself heal? 

1. Prevention

Intentionally working on strengthening, but also being able to relax your pelvic floor muscles will go a long way in preventing extreme damage. These kinds of exercises can be done all throughout pregnancy to help keep those muscles strong and prepare you for delivery. 

2. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you find a pelvic floor physical therapist (PFPT)! I would schedule several visits throughout pregnancy and then continue to see her postpartum as well. PFPTs are trained to identify any dysfunctions you may have that could be affecting your daily life and/or fitness. Once a problem or complication is identified, they can work with you to help you heal. 

3. Postpartum Pelvic Floor Connection

In the early days and weeks postpartum, you don’t want to just jump right back into a fitness routine. You need to focus on healing and recovering and your relationship with your new baby. However, there are some simple breathing exercises that you can begin to help re-establish that mind-body connection and begin the restoration process of your core and pelvic floor. Just 5-10 minutes a day can really help set you up for success in your return to daily life and a fitness routine postpartum. 

4. Pregnancy and Postpartum Coaching

Maybe you already have a personal trainer. Maybe you already have a fitness routine that you enjoy. That’s great! As a pregnancy and postpartum coach, I don’t want to take any of that away from you. I want to help you enjoy the activities you love for as long as you can and then guide you on your journey to return to those activities when you’re ready. I’ve been trained specifically for these stages of your life and fitness journey and can help you navigate the waters when they get rough. I want to be part of your team that helps you accomplish all of your goals!

Please, please don’t buy into the mindset that a body that doesn’t function properly after birth is just normal. Common is not normal. Be your own advocate and search for answers until you find them! And keep these 4 reminders in mind as you go throughout your pregnancy and into postpartum. There are so many resources available to help you along this journey!

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