Mental Benefits of Exercising

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Restful Sleep

As your baby grows, you’re probably experiencing more aches and pains than normal and these could be affecting your sleep at night. The added weight to your belly can make you extremely uncomfortable in bed, causing one too many sleepless nights. Exercise can help! Working out will expend any pent-up energy you may have, as well as clear and relax your mind for a more restful night of recuperative sleep. And let’s face it – the more rested mama feels, the better off everyone else is!

Regulated Mood

Your hormones are going crazy and your mood swings might seem out of control at times! Believe it or not, exercise can help you get a handle on your seemingly ever-changing moods. If you’re anything like me, having a grip on your mood and how you handle things is a must, so anything that can help me with that is welcome! And at a time when there’s a lot that you can’t control – swollen ankles, achy joints, odd cravings at all hours of the night – it’s comforting to know that exercise can help to calm and regulate your moods.

Released Endorphins

Who couldn’t use an extra dose of happy during the day?? Exercise releases endorphins into your system, giving you an extra pick me up to keep you going. Endorphins are hormones released into your body that help put you in a good mood and contribute to your sense of happiness and contentment. There are other ways that endorphins are released into your system, but, to me, exercising is a great way to knock out two things at once. You get in a workout to make your body stronger AND you feel good about yourself. I’ll take two for one! Reduced Forgetfulness

Have you found yourself having severe cases of “mommy brain” recently? Get in a quick workout! Studies have shown that regular workouts can improve your recall. Now, to be completely honest here, I have a TERRIBLE memory sometimes. My husband will ask me to get something for him and I’ll go downstairs, do something else and come back empty handed, having completely forgotten to do what I went there to do. I think we can all relate to forgetting things on occasion. But, thankfully, for those of us who do forget things sometimes, hope can come in the form of exercise. Although this is not the only contributing factor, studies have shown that exercise can improve your memory!

Reinvigorated Self-confidence

With all of the changes taking place on the inside and outside of your body, self-confidence can take a hit. Believe me, I get it. I've gone through several stages in my life where I wasn't comfortable with how I looked or felt and those negative feelings start to creep into other areas of my life as well. Am I good enough? Do I contribute enough to my family? Am I getting far enough in my career? Are other people going to accept me? These negative emotions have to have a stopping point! Getting in some exercise can help you push back against those feelings of self-doubt and that lack of confidence. You are getting stronger; your baby is getting stronger. Give yourself an extra dose of health, confidence and empowerment today.


You can motivate others! Other moms, your kids, your husband, your friends…the list is endless! As others look on and see your hard work and dedication throughout all the changes of pregnancy, you just might inspire someone else to start a workout program that could change their life. 

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