Is Your Back Pain Really From Your Back?

Many moms suffer from some type of back pain on a regular basis. And daily back pain can have a crippling effect on your function throughout the day. It can drain you of energy and make it hard to do everyday tasks. All too often, I think back pain is just written off as “having a bad back” when there can be so many reasons that your back is in pain. Let’s look at some of those other reasons today.

1. Posture

Posture has the tendency to change a lot during pregnancy and postpartum. As your belly expands, you have a tendency to tuck your hips under and fall into the “pregnancy waddle”. While this may initially seem like a good way to balance out the extra weight in your front, it has a devastating effect on your back! When you’re out of optimal alignment with your butt tucked under, it adds a lot of pressure to your lower back. Often this posture carries over into postpartum, along with the added upper back strain of feeding a new baby.

2. Weak Core

One highly overlooked aspect of perinatal fitness is proper rehabilitation of the core. Sure – many women jump into a bootcamp style workout or go crazy with ab workouts trying to flatten their stomach and get rid of the mommy pooch. But, most likely, this is not properly rehabbing your core. You need to start slowly, reestablishing that mind-body connection and progressively building strength in all of those core and pelvic floor muscles that have been through a lot during pregnancy and delivery.

3. Tight or Weak Glutes

Sitting all day is more problematic than you may think. When there are muscles imbalances – which can be cause by muscles that are either too weak OR too tight – it causes imbalances in the hips and pelvis as well as the lower spine, leading to back pain. The muscles in your lower back try to compromise for what your glutes aren’t doing properly, leading them to being overworked and overtired.

If you have any kind of back pain on a consistent basis, please don’t just write it off as having a bad back. Take a look at your lifestyle and evaluate whether any of the points above could possibly be a problem you might be encountering. All of the issues I listed are fixable! Reach out to me for help!

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