How to Stay Active During Christmas Week

Squeezing in time to workout during Christmas week can be tricky! With family and food and presents and activities – your schedule is pretty packed! So, today, I’m going to give a few tips for staying active even in this crazy, busy, fun-filled week!

1. Clean Your House

Housework can actually burn a lot of calories! If you’re having friends or family over for the holidays, taking a few hours to clean your house, can count towards your active time for the day! Here’s a fun list to show you some average calorie burn amounts for various daily household tasks:

2. Do a Mini Workout While Cooking

Counters are a great assistance for a lot of different exercises. Since you’ll probably spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen over the holidays, why not get in a few exercises while you’re cooking?!? You don’t have to get all sweaty and workout for 20 minutes straight – doing a few exercises in between your cooking will add up as you go!

3. Workout on the Couch

Having a family Christmas movie night? There are exercises you can do without getting up from your couch! You can work your core, arms and legs just by doing various movements either laying or sitting on the couch.

4. Go Look at Christmas Lights

Take the family and find a neighborhood or city event that has a lot of Christmas lights to look at. You’ll get in a good walk and get to see lots of pretty lights while you do it!

Don’t stress if you can’t get in your normal workouts throughout this Christmas week. Enjoy your time with family friends and sneak in some active time using some of these tips. Keep an eye out for these unique workouts all this week!

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