How to Make a Home Workout Feel Like a Group Class

Struggling with the weeks-long, never-ending, foreeeeever-seeming quarantine? Wishing you could get back into the gym? Or maybe you usually workout from home but are just struggling because you haven’t seen another adult (other than your significant other) in weeks! At-home workouts are great, but can end up feeling kind of lonely, especially when you are doing them straight through for an extended period of time.

So, how can you mix things up? How can you feel like you’re not so alone? Today, I’ve got a few great ways to help make you at-home workouts feel like a group workout.

1. Workout with a Friend

Now, normally you could go for a run together or meet up at a park or house to get in a quick workout session. But, during isolation, why not video chat a buddy and do your workout together? You can have a blast working out together virtually! Or, if you don’t want to be on a video chat the whole time you are exercising, you can have an accountability buddy. Whether you’re doing the same workout, or just checking in with each other to make sure you’ve done your workout for the day, having a buddy is a great way to help you feel like you’re not alone!

2. Hire a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers aren’t just for the rich and famous. Personal trainers are a great way to get workouts that are tailored specifically for you, with helpful advice with your specific considerations in mind. Especially during pregnancy and postpartum, having a personal trainer that’s trained for these particular seasons of a woman’s life can be SO helpful! A regular trainer doesn’t have the specialized education that a pregnancy and postpartum fitness coach does. Your body goes through so many changes, you can really benefit from having a personal trainer during your pregnancy and postpartum period. And it can make workouts a lot less lonely!

3. Participate in Classes Online

There is a plethora of online fitness classes that you can participate in! Whether you’re into barre, dumbbells, pilates, kettlebells, or yoga, you can find a class! And often, these online videos will have several people participating in the class with the instructor, which really contributes to the feeling of exercising with other people!

4. Join a Live Fitness Class

With all of the quarantining going on, many gyms, clubs, and personal trainers have started doing live fitness classes that you can stream and participate in. As long as you don’t have a work meeting during the scheduled time, join in on the live class and get your sweat on with lots of other women!

We all need to find ways to feel connected to other people with all of the coronavirus craziness going on. Fitness is a great way to relieve stress, while doing something great for your body! And including a friend or doing a group workout online are great ways to stave off that lonely feeling.

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