How Do I Listen to My Body?

Listening to your body is something I talk a lot about when working with clients. To be honest, it’s not something that we are ever really taught at any stage of life. Some women do it more intuitively than others; sometimes the connection changes; sometimes the connection is lost. When I talk about “connection” here, I’m talking about the mind-body connection. Your body’s ability to do exactly what your brain is telling it to do.

While listening to your body isn’t the only aspect to fitness, it is an important one, especially during the perinatal period. Here’s why:

1. Pregnancy Changes the Mind-Body Connection

A whole host of changes comes with pregnancy, one of which is a lot of hormones and a changing body that you may find hard to understand and keep up with. You will probably find it hard to perform certain tasks especially towards the later stages of pregnancy. You may get a case of “pregnancy brain” and feel like you’re in a fog sometimes. No matter how it manifests itself in your pregnancy, this connection changes.

2. The Connection Can Be Lost Postpartum

Delivering a baby is a physically traumatic event – whether you have a vaginal birth or a C-section. In most cases, the connection to the core and pelvic floor muscles is completely lost. Without targeted, intentional, healing work, it can be very difficult to reestablish that connection. Many women find that they don’t recognize their postpartum body and find it hard to adjust. Putting that mind-body connection back in place can help so much with healing and fitness postpartum.

3. Listening to Your Body Helps You Learn What You Need

If you’re not in tune with your body, you might be able to tell something is off, but have a hard time putting a finger on just what is wrong. The more you learn to listen to your body, the more you will learn what exercises you are ready for and what exercises you should wait on. You’ll be able to learn when your body truly needs a day to rest or when you’re just feeling lazy and like you don’t want to workout. There are an infinite number of ways (outside of fitness too!) that listening to your body is beneficial.

Learning to listen to your body on your own, especially during the perinatal period can be tricky. Reach out to me to help you start learning how to reestablish that mind-body connection!

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