Holidays and Fitness

While the holidays are filled with lots of fun and family, for many women, they can also be plagued by fear, anxiety, and guilt. It can feel a little bit scary to get out of your normal routine as far as food and fitness goes. You know that the days will be crazy and that you will probably be eating significantly more than you normally would. But I don’t want you to enter this holiday season being worried about your food and fitness. Here are 3 tips to help you manage these feelings over the next few weeks!

1. Keep Listening to Your Body

I talk a lot about learning to listen to your body in regard to fitness, but you can also learn to listen to your body when it comes to food. Don’t be afraid to have desserts over the next few weeks – they won’t throw you completely off track! As you eat, pay attention to how you’re feeling and stop when you’re full. Learning to not overeat on a regular basis over the holidays can really help you feel less sluggish!

2. Keep Moving

you may not be able to workout exactly the same as when family is not in town or when you’re driving to other family member’s houses. But you can still move! Take a walk with your kids or other family members; go walk around the mall and do a little shopping; play a game in the yard! There are lots of non-fitness ways that you can keep your body moving during the holidays.

3. Keep Your Focus on Quality Time

So your workouts aren’t as they normally are and your eating habits are different for a few weeks – that’s ok! There are so many other things that you don’t want to miss out on over the next few weeks! Spend those special moments with family and friends and worry less about the number on the scale.

Keep these three tips in mind as you go into the next few weeks of the holidays and I hope they are filled with lots of love and laughter!

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