Getting Over Guilt

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Spending time on yourself

You can’t properly take care of another person without properly taking care of yourself. Taking 30 minutes or an hour to workout several times a week doesn’t mean you don’t care about your baby. You’re investing time in your own health – both physical and mental – which will help you BETTER care for your little one.

Not being able to workout like you used to

If you’re anything like me, you’re a fitness fanatic! You love getting workouts in and enjoy how you feel when you’re done. However, in this new stage of life you may not be able to lift as much or run as far or workout as long as you’re used to, or even do the same kinds of workouts you were doing pre-pregnancy. THAT’S OK!! Your body is going through an incredible amount of changes in order to maintain and provide for your baby. You may be experiencing extreme fatigue, increased soreness, or tire more easily when exercising – all of these things are completely normal. Learn to listen to your body and go at a pace that works for you. As long as you’re out there moving, you’ll be doing your body – and your baby – a world of good!

Learning to adjust

There are so many things you are learning to adjust to right now – a new body, a new baby, a new lifestyle – all of these present opportunities for you to grow and change. Maybe you’re feeling unprepared or inadequate. Everyone feels this way at this stage! Give yourself a break and learn through the adjustments. Fitness is definitely going to be one of those adjustments. You are going to have to modify, you’re going to have to maybe do less than you’re used to – in many ways you won’t feel like yourself. Adjusting to a new way of working out is just one step in your pregnancy journey and will encourage you in all the other adjustments you will be making along the way.

Take a look in the mirror. Tell yourself you’re worth the time you’re spending on YOU; tell yourself you want to be an example of a strong, healthy woman for your baby; tell yourself that you WILL make it through all these changes and be the better for it. Now get out there and kickstart your day with a great workout!

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