Faster Isn't Always Better

Moms have crazy lives – no getting around that! There’s always something going on or someone that needs you or somewhere to be. Working out can be difficult when your schedule is chaotic. And when there is time for a workout, sometimes they end up short and hurried. Now, this isn’t necessarily problematic – you have to work with what you have! – but I do want to make a point about the speed of workouts. Getting in a bunch of reps as quickly as you can isn’t always the way to go.

1. Your Body Is Changing

As your body changes, so does your center of gravity and your weight and your joints. Because of all of these changes occurring in your body, movements are going to feel different. You may find that some things are easier; some are harder. There may be times that you have to modify or stop doing a movement completely while pregnant. With your body changing, it’s essential that you take time to listen to what your body needs and adjust as necessary.

2. Speed Can Disrupt Good Form

I’ve seen this quite a bit in working with women. You have your workout all set and you just power through it as quickly as you can. Often, towards the end of the workout, form starts to go down the tubes, but that is ignored in order to get the reps that were set out in the workout. I always tell my clients; I would rather have you do fewer reps with good form than knock out a bunch of reps with compromised form.

3. Slow-paced Workouts Are Beneficial

All too often, we get caught up in the number of calories burned. Which is why women who are trying to lose weight go for very cardio intensive workouts. But sometimes your body needs balance work or accessory muscle work or stretching. All of these kinds of less intense workout hold a lot of benefit as well and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Over the next few workouts you do, try implementing good form over lots of reps. Maybe try adding in a day or two of yoga or mobility training. I think you’ll find that your training is much enhanced by these things!

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