Everyone is Different

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Newsflash: Everyone is different!

Not everyone can dedicate hours a day to working out. We can’t all have perfect Instagram workouts or bodies. Here’s why:


a) We all have different schedules. We are moms, wives, employees, bosses, coaches, chauffeurs, cheerleaders…the number of hats we, as women, wear in any given day are endless! The workout chicks you watch on Instagram or whose blogs you read exercise as a job. They have all day to perfect their workouts and set up the ideal workout selfie. Don’t compare yourself to that! You have a life outside of the Instagram world. You are strong and beautiful in your own right. b) The average woman (especially moms!) don’t have hours upon hours to work out. We go to work, chase after our other kids, make sure homework gets done, clean the house…. Squeeze in a workout whenever you can and that is awesome!


a) Some of us have worked out pre-pregnancy; some of us are just starting up now to give ourselves and baby a healthy start. Some of us have been competitive athletes since we were kids and some of us have never stepped foot inside a gym. Don’t compare yourself to someone on a different workout level. You don’t have to be at some super high, competitive level or be a lifelong athlete to workout. b) Experience is only gained through doing. You have to start somewhere. Start where you’re at, create some goals, and go from there. The more you workout, the stronger you will become, the easier the hard things will get – the more experience you will gain!


a) We don’t all have to have perfectly ripped beach bodies. Some of us want to train for a particular event, such as a 5k, a mud run, or even a marathon. Some just want to get in better shape. Maybe exercise hasn’t been at the top of the list recently and now that you are pregnant or have had a baby, you want to look and feel better. And it’s possible that you may just want to maintain a healthier lifestyle. You could be incorporating fitness into other healthy changes you are making in your life. b) Figure out what you want and set goals. If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit the target every time. Give yourself something to shoot for! And don’t just set goals – figure out how you are going to get there. Make a plan. And for your fitness goals as a mom, look no further than Mom Gets Moxie!

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