At-home Workouts vs. Going to the Gym: Part 2

Are you looking at getting back into fitness? Maybe fitness is new to you and you're looking for a place to start. There are so many options for fitness out there, let's talk about some pros and cons. This week continues the series, focusing on gym workouts.

Gym Workouts


1. Group Classes

Some of us work best when there are others around to motivate! Maybe you can join a gym with a friend or you get to know someone else in the class you regularly attend. Having another person involved in your fitness can help with accountability.

2. All the Equipment

If you're one that likes to mix up how you workout, the variety of machines, weights, and classes at a gym are great for you!

3. Focus

It's easy to get distracted at home by children or responsibilities at home. When you're at the gym, there's not much else to do, but workout!


1. Peer Pressure

Gyms can be notorious for "meat heads" or others who are very judgmental and just want you to get out of the way of the equipment they are using.

2. Expensive

Most gyms come with some kind of monthly membership or other expense and if you find that you can't make it as often as you'd like, that money is out the window!

These are just a few things to consider when thinking about your fitness and how you want to proceed. There is not one option that's necessarily better than the other - you just need to pick what's best for YOU! Stay tuned for further posts about gym workouts this week!

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