At-home Workouts: Exercising with Baby

Before I move on to workouts at the gym, (the second part of the current series) I wanted to cover the topic of working out with baby postpartum. There are some great benefits to working out with your baby and, of course, home workouts are ideal for exercising with your baby!

Benefits of Exercising with Baby

1. Time

Sometimes with a new baby, or with a new baby on top of older children, it's really hard to make an hour for a workout. So, if you can take 5 or `0 minutes to squeeze in a workout, doing one with your baby is a great option!

2. Convenience

Sometimes you end up with a crying baby that just doesn't want to be put down and it's hard to get anything done. How about doing a workout with your baby! You may even find that the movements of the exercises help to calm baby and alleviate crying.

3. Bonding

Holding baby close to you during exercise and just having fun during a workout are great ways to spend some time bonding with your new baby and take care of yourself at the same time!

Keep an eye out this week for some mommy and me workouts!

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