Advanced Diastasis Recti Workout

Once you have learned to properly engage your core and have started to build strength, you can move on to some more challenging exercises. Make sure you are still taking it slow and ensuring your core is firing correctly.

Perform each exercise for 30-45 seconds for 4-6 rounds, on each side as needed. Make sure you are engaging your core properly each time you start a new movement.

1. Dead Bug

2. Side Plank with Arm Raise

3. Hover Plank

4. Kneeling Leg Raise

5. Reverse Plank March

If one or more of these exercises feel too hard and you aren’t able to engage your core properly, stop doing that move and wait until you’re stronger. An exercise done improperly can do more harm than good. But the more you consistently incorporate these core exercises into your fitness, the stronger you will get!

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