6 Exercises to Relieve Pelvic Girdle Pain

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

1. Stability Ball Circles

a. Begin in an upright, seated position on the stability ball

b. Keeping the rest of your body as still as possible, move your hips in a clockwise direction for 10-15 circles, breathing throughout the movement

c. Switch directions and repeat

d. Do 3-5 reps (of 10-15 circles) on each side

2. Clam Shell

a. Lie on your left side with your head supported in a comfortable position

b. Stack your legs one on top of the other with a bend at the knee and your heels along the same line as your butt

c. Exhale and slowly raise your knee, while keeping your feet together, to about hip height

d. Hold for a count or two and slowly lower back to the starting position

e. Repeat 10-12 times on each side

3. Child's Pose

a. Begin on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips

b. Exhale and slowly draw your butt back towards your heels as far as you comfortably can and relax in that position for a few seconds

c. Come back up to all fours and repeat

d. Do this 5-8 times

4. Chair Pose

a. Start in a standing position with your feet about hip width apart

b. Exhale and draw your hips back into a squat, while simultaneously extending your arms straight out so that your shoulders are by your ears

c. Hold this position for a 5-10 count

d. Repeat 7-10 times

5. Fist Squeeze

a. Begin in a seated position on a stability ball, bench or chair

b. Make a fist with your hand and place it between your knees

c. Exhale and squeeze your fist with your knees as tightly as you can for 5-10 seconds

d. Repeat 8-10 times

6. Modified Bird Dog

a. Begin on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips

b. Exhale and slowly raise your right arm straight out in front of you

c. Inhale and return to the starting position and then switch arms

d. To increase difficulty, but not trigger pain, you can also raise the opposite knee of the ground when you raise each arm

e. Repeat 10-12 times on each side

I think you will be surprised how much your PGP can be reduced simply by stabilizing your pelvis and strengthening the muscles around it. So, incorporate these exercises into your routine and start getting some relief from your symptoms!

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