5 Ways to “Hit the Gym” without Hitting the Gym

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Walk in the Park

Grab a friend, your spouse, or your kids and go for a walk in the park! Going to the park gives you a change of scenery and gets you into the great outdoors for some fresh air. Go with others for socializing, or go by yourself to have some alone time to relax. You might be amazed at the number of calories you can burn in just a 30 minute walk – anywhere from 90-200 calories!! Get yourself up a to a brisk pace and burn as many calories as you can with whatever amount of time you have.


Crank up the tunes and get your clean on! Write down a list together of chores that need to be done, in and around the house, and set aside a time to complete them all at once. Think about it – many of the movements used in housecleaning are movements that you would use in a normal workout. Squatting and bending to pick things up off the floor, going up on your tip toes to dust those high shelves, picking up and carrying items around the house…these are all movements that you’d incorporate into a workout! For a fun list of chores and the number of calories burned during each, check out this article:


Get in on this unique adventure and start finding treasures near you! Ask a friend or friends to go along with you for group fun. This is a great way to get in some exercise and explore areas around you where you may not otherwise go! In simple terms, geocaching is a scavenger hunt, where you are given clues to find geocache locations near you.


Swimming provides the body with many great benefits. It’s easy on the joints, yet works the whole body at the same time. Set aside a chunk of time to go to a lake or pool near you and swim for a bit! Whether you are swimming laps or playing around in the pool with your kids – you’ll be burning calories. If swimming is something new to you, take some time to learn some new strokes and start trying to incorporate those into your pool time. Dance

Dance like no one is watching! Put on your favorite music and dance around the house for awhile. Dancing is a great way to blow off steam, relax, and enjoy yourself and some good jams! There is a style of dance out there fit for every style and every person. Whether you’re into hip hop, ballet, tap, or salsa, you’ll be burning calories as you dance. Keep in mind where you are in pregnancy, so you aren't overdoing it or moving in a way that is uncomfortable, but modify and keep on dancing! Dancing uses your whole body to move, so you can get a good total body workout as well as some good cardio.

Bonus: Play with your Kids (or dogs)

If this isn’t your first rodeo and you have other kids (or fur babies), plan some time to play with them. Inside or outside – doesn’t matter! Play a game of hide and seek, tag, or catch. My husband and I have two German Shepherd puppies and playing outside with them always gets me moving. Thor likes to play soccer with his favorite ball and Loki like to play keep away with his toy of choice for the day. Kids and pets are always moving, so if you get out there and play with them for awhile, you’re sure to get a workout in!

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