5 Reasons You Should Take a Walk Today

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

1. Lose Weight

First, and probably most obviously, you can lose weight. According to Harvard Health Publishing, you can burn 150 calories or more in just a 30 minute walk.  The pace of walking is great for burning fat. You probably won’t get into too much of a cardio level, so you stay in a fat burning zone for most of the time that you’re walking. Now, keep in mind that you need to keep up a brisk pace – just sauntering along isn’t going to do you a whole lot of good!  

2. Improve Your Mood

Michael Otto, a professor of psychology at Boston University, says that your mood will usually improve within 5 minutes of beginning a workout. So, if you’re feeling grouchy or crabby or you just want a little pick-me-up, jump on a treadmill or head outside for a stroll to help you elevate your mood.  Click here for more information!

3. Destress

The odds of you being stressed on a semi-regular basis at this stage of life are pretty high. Your hormones are all over the place, your body is changing, you have relationships, work, other children, and many responsibilities. Stress creates anxiety and can make you feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry – something as simple as a walk can help reduce your stress. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, psychologists studying how exercise relieves anxiety and depression suggest that a 10-minute walk may be just as good as a 45-minute workout. Now, I don’t suggest that you only do a 10-minute walk for your workout every day, but it is good to know that you can decrease your stress level simply by taking a few minutes to step outside and take a walk.

4. Time With Others

This right here is the #1 reason that I enjoy going on walks with my husband so much. It provides a concentrated time for my husband and I to talk and just have some uninterrupted time with each other. Bring your husband, a friend, or your other children along for and just have fun spending time together outdoors! No TV, no iPads, no electronic distractions. Take time to chat and unwind with the people you love!

5. Reduce Cravings

Studies have actually proven that a brisk walk can reduce your urges for sugary snacks, such as chocolate. This is great news for me, because I get cravings for chocolate all the time! It’s not bad to eat sugary snacks now and then, but if you give into your cravings every time, you will probably throw off your health goals! So, if you get a craving that is particularly bad, and you don’t have the willpower to just sit there and not give in, get up and take a walk!

As I said before, these are just of few of the reasons that taking a walk are good for you. Maybe you’re feeling tired and sore and you don’t have the energy to do a full-fledged workout. Maybe you need some me time. Maybe you need a mood boost. Whatever reason speaks to you, let that be your motivation today!

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