4 Steps to Achieving You New Year's Fitness Resolution

It’s that time of year – your feed is being spammed with all kinds of ads and posts about “new year, new you!”. Whether it’s the latest diet craze, cleanse, fitness equipment or miracle pill, you’ll see it all. And many people will make at least one New Year’s resolution regarding their health and/or fitness. For the month of January, the gyms will be crowded (at least in places where they are open!), tons of fitness apps will be purchased, and home fitness equipment acquired. Unfortunately, most of this new resolution zeal will fizzle out by February and those resolutions will never be met. So, how can you actually achieve a fitness goal this coming year?

1. Set a Goal That’s Not About Weight

Set a goal to get stronger or run farther or try a new kind of fitness. There are so many ways that you can be healthy – it’s not all about losing weight. If you can find a type of fitness that you enjoy, odds are, you will not only reach your yearly resolution, you’ll build a life-long habit.

2. Plan out a Path

While having a goal is great, if you don’t have a way to get there, it’s probably not going to happen. After you make your goal, plan weekly and monthly markers to help you achieve your year-long goal. This will help the goal no feel so daunting and give you encouragement along the way to keep working towards that goal!

3. Give Yourself Rewards Along the Way

Did you get to the point that you can go up the stairs without getting out of breath? Get yourself that new shirt! Did you walk an extra half a mile more than you could 2 weeks ago? Give yourself a spa day! There’s no reason you have to wait a whole year to celebrate your progress. Celebrate those little wins along the way!

4. Get a Buddy

Having someone to keep you accountable both helps you achieve your goal and makes it more fun! Even if you don’t have the same goal, you can check in on each other to make sure you’re staying on track an achieving your smaller goals throughout the year.

Are you someone who has set a fitness goal in the past and never been able to stick to it? Make this year the year you succeed! Use these 4 steps to help you set an achieve your fitness goal this year and build a healthy, life-long habit!

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