4 Signs You May Have Weak Hips

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Knee Pain

The North American Journal of Sports Physical Therapy sites a study that was conducted with a group of women to study the affect that hip and glute strength had on knee pain. Taking various factors into consideration and once the test was completed, the study concluded that those who had weak hips experience knee pain. Now, weak hips may not be the only contributing factor to your knee pain. Many things can affect your knees such as bone structure, activities done on a daily basis, or genetic or pre-existing conditions. However, you may find that strengthening your hips might reduce your knee pain. Do read more about the study I referenced, click here:

Poor Posture

Whenever one part of the body is injured or weak, other parts of your body will step in and try to compensate for that area. When your hips are weak, areas around it, such as the lower back and glutes are going to work to stabilize your hips. When these muscles get overworked, they tighten up, causing your booty to tuck under throw your posture out of good alignment. To compound that, the lower back and glutes can also be areas that aren’t stretched as often as they should be. Many of us sit most of the day for work, which causes a tightness in the lower back; and the booty is one of the areas that all of us as women want to work in order to get that nice, tight booty. But sometimes we overdo it and work it too much without taking the proper time to stretch.  Tight, painful muscles can cause you to stand, sit or walk differently in order to ease the pain, which can lead to poor posture. For a look out how these are connected, check this site out:

Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem for a lot of women – especially during pregnancy. While a lot of your back pain can be attributed to your growing belly, a sneaky, unwelcome contributor could also be weak hips. The Journal of Physical Therapy Science conducted a study on the link between low back pain and hip strength. After establishing a baseline for each person in the study, the participants were put through weeks of exercise to increase their hip strength. The results proved that the hip strengthening exercises greatly decreased the back pain experienced by those in the study. To see more information on the study and a layout of the findings, you can read more here:

Ankle Pain

Your ankle is pretty far removed from your hips, so it may seem farfetched that weak hips could contribute to ankle pain. However, according to this article, by a physical therapist and a certified athletic trainer, weakened hips can cause you to alter the way that you walk causing pain all the way down in your ankles! This article also touches on other areas of the body that can be affected by your hip weakness. With swollen feet and ankles already a prevalent issue during pregnancy, you don’t need anything else contributing to your ankle problems during this time!–how-hip-muscles-can-be-cause-of-hip-knee-or-foot-pain

So, if some of these symptoms sound familiar, why not give a shot at strengthening your hips?? There are some simple exercises that can help develop the muscles needed to reduce pain in your knees, back or ankles and it may even improve your posture! It’s a win-win all the way around. Keep an eye out on the blog – later this week, I’ll share some exercises for strengthening those hips!

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