4 Benefits of Using a BOSU Ball

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Here are 4 benefits of incorporating a BOSU ball into your workouts:

1. Variety

Variety will always be one of my biggest points for incorporating different kinds of fitness equipment into your workout routine. A lot of people do the same thing over and over and they become bored with what they’re doing and quit. Mixing it up is a great way, not just to prevent boredom, but to challenge your body in new ways. 

2. Balance

Whether you are using the ball with the flat side on the ground or the domed side on the ground, a BOSU ball will challenge your ability to stay stable. The curvature of the dome side ensures that your surface will be unstable and will thus force your body to work hard to maintain proper form throughout the entirety of the exercise you are performing. Exercises for both the upper and lower body can be performed using the BOSU ball and will help build your balance.

3. Stabilizing Muscles

The stabilizing muscles are the small muscles around joints that help keep them stable throughout different movements. Often, these muscles get overlooked in a normal training routine. We focus on the big muscle groups – quads, glutes, biceps, triceps, etc. and the stabilizers get missed. Using an unstable surface, like a BOSU ball, forces those small muscles to get engaged as they work to keep your joint stable. This is why BOSU balls are often used in rehab exercises after an injury like an ankle sprain. If you’ve sprained your ankle, you’ve damaged the small muscles, tendon and ligaments around a joint, and physical therapists often use BOSU balls during the recovery process. 

4. Core Strength

Another great aspect of an unstable surface is that keeping your body balanced throughout a movement challenges your core without you really even thinking about it! In order for your upper and lower body to perform a coordinated movement, that middle section between the two that connects them – your core – has to be engaged in order for that to take place. So if you’re in a place as a pregnant or postpartum mom that ab work just doesn’t feel good for you, using a BOSU ball can help give you that core work that you’re looking for. 

There are varying types of BOSU balls, and many fitness companies manufacture them. You can pick one up at your local sports or fitness store or, of course, find them online. Make sure you do some research about different types so that you make sure you get the best one for you!

Keep an eye out this week for some great workouts and tips using a BOSU ball! 

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