3 Ways to Find Motivation

Struggling with motivation to start working out or to continue a workout program you’ve already started? Motivation comes and goes – you definitely won’t always feel like getting up and moving your body. While there’s something to be said for listening to your body when it needs a break, sometimes, it is best to get up and exercise, even when you’re not feeling it. Here are three ways to get your rear in gear!

1. Commit to 10 Minutes

Getting up and moving for a few minutes is better than nothing and you know what usually happens? If you just get started, you will find the motivation to keep going and finish whatever workout you had planned. And even if you don’t – that’s ok! You still got up and did something – go you!

2. Mix it Up

You don’t HAVE to do whatever workout you had planned. Maybe you had a bike ride planned but feel like lifting weights. Maybe you were going to go for a run, but you want to go to a dance class at your local gym. All of that is totally fine! You aren’t going to throw everything off by doing something different because you’re not feeling a particular workout on any given day. Enjoying what you do for fitness is key to sticking with it long term!

3. Grab a Friend

Everything is more fun when you have a buddy! Having someone to sweat through a workout with can be just the motivation you need to get going! Whether it’s a one-off thing or you get a committed workout partner, it can be really helpful to have someone else involved in your fitness. You can keep each other accountable and I’m sure there will be lots of laughs along the way!

Discipline and commitment are what will help you see the results you’re looking for with fitness, but you don’t have to be regimental about it. Give yourself grace for the ups and downs of life as well as the different seasons you will go through. You can take days off; you can mix it up. You aren’t going to be throwing your goals out the window. Learn to enjoy your fitness and you’ll be surprised how much longer you stick with it!

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