3 Ways a Strong Upper Body Benefits Perinatal Moms

If there’s a major part of the body that’s often overlooked by women when working out, it’s the upper body. We all want nice glutes and legs, so that’s what we tend to focus on, but as a mom, having good upper body strength is so important! Some women are afraid they will end up with huge, super muscly arms if they lift weights. This isn’t true. You can tone up and gain strength without getting bulky, so put that fear out of your mind.

Here’s why you need to have a strong upper body:

1. Multi-tasking

Moms are queens of multi-tasking. Who else could hold a crying baby, make dinner, and help another child with homework all at the same time? In the scenario I just described, upper body strength is key. If you’re holding a baby on your hip, many women kick that hip out to the side for the baby to rest on. While this isn’t inherently problematic, constant kicking out of that hip will most likely cause your lower back to start hurting, which can lead to other issues. If you keep your body properly in line you’re going to need stronger arms, shoulders and back muscles to hold onto the baby at your side instead of resting him or her on your hip all the time.

2. Fewer aches and pains

The demands of motherhood place a lot of stress on the upper body. Constantly picking up, carrying, cradling, feeding or nursing, pushing…all of these things employ upper body strength to perform. While you can probably do all of these things without any kinds of weight training, you will be able to do them better while not tiring as quickly if you do incorporate some resistance training into your routine. This will help equalize any muscles imbalances you may be experiencing and keep those aches and pains at bay because those muscles are strong.

3. Bone health

As we age, many women become susceptible to osteoporosis. Our bones become more brittle and are more likely to fracture or break. Many studies have been performed that show resistance training helps to slow bone loss, and in many cases, has helped to increase bone density. While a healthy diet also plays a big role in the health of your bones, why not add in some strength training to help keep those bones healthy and strong!

Keep an eye out this week for some great workouts focused on strengthening your upper body!

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