3 Things You Should Know About Exercise on Vacation

As we near the end of May, I think we are all looking forward to summer! Your kids are probably almost done with school and you’re probably busy planning the perfect vacation after over a year of being cooped up inside. Vacations are so great, but many women feel a lot of guilt in regard to fitness when they are on vacation because it’s hard to keep up your normal routine. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. You Don’t Have to Exercise

A vacation can be truly that – a complete rest from your normal routine, including exercise. In fact, if you’ve been really diligent about pursuing a fitness goal, taking a little break and giving your body some extended rest can be a really good thing! You aren’t going to “lose your gains” or regress back to your starting point. If you want to have an exercise-free vacation, do so without letting guilt be a tag-along.

2. Be Active in Creative Ways

Is there a walking or biking tour where you’re going? Can you hike? Will you be able to swim? These are all vacation-oriented forms of exercise that will keep you moving without you having to dedicate specific time to working out while you’re on vacation. If you can plan a few days of active activities, you can get in some exercise while doing other things!

3. You Don’t Have to do Your Normal Workouts

If you’re like me, you still like to workout on vacation. But often, it’s hard to get to a gym that has all of the equipment I would normally use. So, on vacation, my workouts look a lot different than they do at home. And that’s ok! Like I said about rest, it’s also good to provide your body and mind with some variety in your fitness. I usually take several different bands and some sets of dumbbells and I’m able to get in good workouts wherever I go!

Later this week, I’ll show you just what I’ve brought on vacation with me and I’ll do some workouts showing you all the ways that you can use bands and dumbbells to get in effective and efficient workouts when you’re out of your normal routine. Keep an eye out!

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