3 Things to Know About Circuit Training

While there are many different ways to get in an effective workout, one exceedingly efficient way (and one that I personally use often) is circuit training. Circuit training involves a series of exercises in which you move quickly from one to the next until you get to the end of the circuit and then you’ll take a bit of an extended break until moving on to the next round. Here are 3 things you should know about circuit training.

1. It’s Different from HIIT

Now, the description I gave you above might sound a bit like HIIT training to you, but there is a difference. HIIT, high intensity interval training, typically involves cardiovascular moves. The point is to spike your heart rate and keep it up throughout the duration of the set and overall workout. Circuit training, while it can provide cardiovascular benefits is not usually intended to be cardio focused.

2. Can be Applied to Any Part of the Body

You can do lower body circuits, upper body circuits, ab circuits, or a combination. Some people like to work only one part of their body on any given day; others like to work push/pull exercises; others like to get an full body workout if they can only get to the gym a couple times a week. No matter what your workout preference, you can work in circuit training to provide you with some great benefits!

3. Helps Build Muscular Endurance

If you’re in to lifting heavy, you get lots of long breaks between sets. If you’re into running, your muscles are mostly getting worked in the same movement pattern. If you’re into yoga, you aren’t getting stronger by adding in some resistance. See where I’m going here? Your muscles get used to the way that you work out and over time, the benefits begin to decrease. Adding in circuit training is a good way to challenge your muscles. You can use weights, bands, bodyweight, plyo boxes – the options are basically endless of the tools you can add into a circuit. Get creative!

This week, I’ll show you some great circuits that you can do right from your home. Stay tuned!

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