3 Reasons You Need Strong Glutes

As women, most of us want a nice butt. We want to turn around and look in the mirror and like what we see – which is the reason a lot of women do squats and lunges. But, did you know that strong glutes are really important for your health? Let’s look at 3 other reasons why you need strong glutes.

1. Pelvic Alignment

Especially during pregnancy and postpartum, a stable pelvis is so important! Because of changes that occur in your body during these stages, many women end up with pelvic pain. The causes of this pain vary, but the stronger your glutes are, the more you’ll be able to keep your pelvis in proper alignment, which can significantly lessen pain. It’s easy to kick out your hip to hold a baby or tuck your butt under to support a growing belly, but these types of movement are what can put extra pressure in your pelvic area and cause pain. Strong glutes will help you keep that good posture!

2. Improves Balance

Balance changes a lot during pregnancy. Your center of gravity changes as your belly expands and you may find that it’s hard to stay balanced. Even postpartum, you can find that your balance is still unsteady as your body adjusts post-delivery. Strengthening your glutes, during both pregnancy and postpartum can help you navigate these balance changes. You want to make sure that you’re as stable as you can be, so that you can avoid unnecessary falls and injury.

3. Supports Your Back

Many women are plagued with low back pain during pregnancy and postpartum; and a common cause of this pain is having a weak core. When I talk about the core, I don’t just mean your abs – your glutes are included as well! As I discussed in the first point, your glutes play a huge part in your posture and when your posture is incorrect on a consistent basis, this can contribute to your low back pain. Working on those glutes to support your posture can be a great way to decrease your low back pain.

So, as you can see, strong glutes are important for a variety of reasons, not just aesthetics – although, that’s a great bi-product.

Stay tuned this week for some great glute workouts!

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