3 Reasons You May Have Back Pain

Back pain often starts in pregnancy and then carries on into the fourth trimester. All too often, women are told that it’s just “part of being a mom”. Don’t buy that. For many of the underlying causes of back pain, some simple lifestyle changes can quickly help reduce your pain. Here are 3 common reasons why you may be experiencing back pain:

1. A Weak Core

Most women lose their connection to their core during pregnancy and don’t fully regain that connection postpartum. The abdominal muscles remain weak, causing the back to overcompensate, which is what causes the pain. Working on strengthening your core can greatly improve back pain!

2. Poor Posture

The pregnancy waddle – it will destroy your low back! While it seems like it may be a good compensation for your growing belly, tucking your butt under and sticking your belly out farther puts a lot of pressure on your low back. This poor posture is often carried over postpartum while feeding and carrying the baby a lot. The butt remains tucked under and the shoulders rolled forward making the back hurt from top to bottom!

3. Excessive Bending at the Waist

Moms are constantly bending over. Picking up the baby, getting toys off of the floor to put away, getting a toddler out of the carseat, cleaning up food off the floor…. If you’re always bending at the waist with straight legs and a rounded back, you’re putting a lot of strain on your back. Learning to bend your knees and hinge at the waist when you need to bend over can be a back-saver!

Each of these 3 causes for back pain can be reduced or even eliminated by changing a few aspects of your daily routine. Keep an eye out this week for some tips!

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