3 Reasons Squats are Beneficial

Squatting is a basic human movement pattern. You probably squat more times in a day than you even realize! How often are you getting up and down from a chair or on and off the couch? Picking toys up off the floor? Opening drawers at the bottom of the dresser? There are all kinds of situations in daily life that require a squatting position. Here’s how squats benefit your overall health:

(remember that when squatting as an exercise, having proper form and technique is important to developing the points below)

1. Improve Posture

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know that I talk a lot about posture. Posture tends to change quite a bit during the perinatal period and can cause some problems. Performing squats as part of your regular workout routine will help strengthen those leg, glute and back muscles that are so important for maintaining proper posture.

2. Improve Balance and Mobility

These are two things that tend to decrease greatly as we age. Just look at your toddler for instance. He probably squats with his butt all the way to his heels to play with a toy or look at a bug on the ground. However, you’d probably have a much more difficult time getting into this position! This is because of decreased hip and ankle mobility and loss of balance. Squats help work those joints through a greater range of motion while at the same time working the stabilizing muscles in your core – a win/win!

3. Reduced Risk of Injury

Squatting helps to strengthen lower body and core muscles, but also improves the stability of the joints these muscles surround. The stronger the muscles around any given joint, the more resilient that joint will be. So, you’ll be less likely to be out of commission for a week stepping on a toy and spraining your ankle.

Squats don’t have to be boring! There are so many different varieties of squats that you can add them into your workouts and not get bored. Make sure you’re following along this week for some more great information on squats!

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