3 Reasons Moms Need Strong Lower Bodies

We hear a lot about lower body workouts in today’s world. “3 Exercises for a Peachy Bum” or “5 Steps to Lift Your Butt”. So much of what we see focuses on the aesthetics of lower body workouts and leaves out the practicality! As a mom, whether you are pregnant or postpartum, having a strong lower body will provide you with many benefits!

1. Better Balance and Stability

In pregnancy, your center of gravity changes as your belly grows and, as you progress, it can be easy to lose your balance. Once you are postpartum, you will probably have the feeling that your body is not your own and it doesn’t always do what you want it to! Working on lower body strength in your workouts can help you gain and maintain balance all throughout the perinatal period.

2. Increased Stamina

Your lower body contains many of the largest muscle groups in your entire body. When these muscles are properly conditioned, you will be able to meet the demands of motherhood each day. You will not tire as quickly, and your energy level overall will be higher!

3. Improve Bone Density

This one may not seem as important on the surface but is vital for our health as women. As we age, our bone density decreases, leaving us vulnerable to fractures and breaks. Exercise, and in particular, load-bearing exercise, has proven to be an effective way to increase bone density as we age.

So, aside from the aesthetics of exercising our lower bodies, there are a lot of great practical benefits as well – especially as moms! This week, I’ll be sharing some great lower body focused workouts that you can do at home, so keep an eye out!

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